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Extensive IT-Security

Voltaire once said “To be in doubt is an unpleasant, to feel secure an absurd state”. Today, we are depending strongly on computer systems and complexe interconnected networks. These systems and the increasing functionality of the software is endangered by multiple aspects - from Script Kiddies executing simple automated attacks, DDoS-attacks conducted by botnets up to sophisticated, targeted attacks.

And never forget - every system can be hacked! The question is not if but when will it be hacked… To enable an acceptable level of security it is necessary to rise the bar for the attacker so high, that the time and effort an attacker has to invest is higher than the earnings in case of a successful attack.

Therefore, a holistic reflection of all aspects of IT-security has to be done, namely:

Upcoming and techniques in use have to be considered, state-of-the-art of current research and the possibilities of the digital underground have to be taken into consideration.

On the subsequent pages, detailed information about the different topics is provided and my service offering is presented.

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